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Dosage of Universal Bonding

Universal glue is an important material connecting two independent objects, such as shoes, plates, etc. It does not exist independently. It must be coated between two objects to play a bonding role. In the water environment, the chemical composition of universal glue acts to bond the two objects. Sometimes it is found that the bonded object will crack again. When this happens, the first thing we think about is the reason why the universal glue is too little, so when we apply the universal glue again, we will increase the amount of application. In fact, the amount of rubber is not the more the better, the more the amount of rubber, the thicker the rubber layer, the slower the drying speed, but also affect the beauty, or even play the opposite role.
In the use of universal glue, too much glue will make the macromolecule in the glue crowded together, the macromolecule can not produce good pulling force, the macromolecule crowded each other, resulting in the formation of the strongest attraction between each other. At the same time, the moisture between the polymers is not easy to volatilize, which is why the thicker the film, the worse the bonding effectiveness of the glue. If the amount of glue is too much, the glue will play a filling role rather than a bonding role.
Therefore, it is not the more glue applied, the better the adhesion. A small amount of quantitative dispensing is better for the product. Generally speaking, the thickness of the glue layer is not more than 0.2 micron.

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