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Reserved preparation before construction of sealant

1. To do a good job in reserving the width and narrowness of ceramic tile seams: generally, the width and depth of ceramic tile seams are 1 mm--8 mm, 1 mm-2 mm, and the overall effect of narrow ceramic tile seams is good after filling, the stereoscopic effect of wide brick seams is good, the hierarchical sense is strong, and the error of aggregate size is easy to control. This is also very convenient for the addition of sealants.
2. Reserve ceramic tile seam: It is easy to insert a positioning cross into the ceramic tile seam to ensure that the width of the brick is uniform. Then the seam is paved with ordinary cement or white cement. After filling, the seam is flattened and compacted with willow to keep the seam depth between 0.5 and 1.5 mm.
3. Treatment during drying period: After the bottom filling is completed, the cement materials in the joints will be dried thoroughly, and then the dust in the ceramic tiles can be cleaned up by the cloth used in the jointing construction of the sealant. Only in this way can the stickiness of sealant be strengthened.

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