About Us
  Shandong Youshuo New Building Material Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive adhesive manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales. Its production base is located in Linyi, the largest logistics capital in North China. Logistics is developed, transportation is convenient, cargo distribution is fast, transportation is convenient.
  Founded in 2008, the company has been committed to the research and development, production and sales of adhesive products such as universal adhesive, spray adhesive, white latex, nail-free adhesive, edge-sealing adhesive, real porcelain adhesive, paper plastic, foam adhesive, structural adhesive and so on.
  The company takes "shaping high-end brand of Chinese adhesives" as its enterprise vision: taking "cooperation, mutual benefit, mutual benefit and win-win" as its core values.
  The company has a number of professional production bases, focusing on teamwork, jointly build a "harmonious, progressive" human environment, to achieve personal growth and enterprise development win-win. Facing the competition "Fair Price, Quality Assurance and Continuous Research", we are determined to achieve competitive advantage in the field of adhesive technology, such as adhesives, silicone, etc.
  Shandong excellent Shuo follows the great changes in the society and the market, constantly carries out industrial upgrading, integrates the Internet, information and traditional industries, strengthens the internal management of enterprises, enhances competitiveness, and is making progress in "intelligent manufacturing" and "Internet +".
  Ten years of sharpening a sword, the company in 2017 strongly promoted brand strategy, focusing on the "Bodhi Tree" brand to become a leading brand in China's adhesive industry, and with CCTV and other strong local satellite TV joint efforts to achieve strategic cooperation, vigorously enhance the "Bodhi Tree" brand in the industry's visibility and industry influence.

Shandong Youshuo New Building Materials Co., Ltd.

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